Surface Tension

Surface Tension is a new quintet project from drummer and composer Luke Bainbridge. Drawing upon contemporary classical and groove-based backgrounds, Bainbridge's distinct compositional voice is harnessed to powerful effect by the quintet. As the relationship between improvisation and composition continues to change, the project explores different forms of musical storytelling. From large-scale journeys, to angular ritualistic loops, to playing games with traditional song forms. Influenced as much by Béla Bartók as it is James Brown.

Current Lineup

Sam Norris - Alto Sax

Billy Marrows - Guitar

Wilbur Whitta - Piano

Harry Pearce - Bass

Luke Bainbridge - Drums and Composition

In January 2018, the band teamed up with videographer Ollie Kenzie and Brazilian sound engineer Fellipe Baldauf (Latin Jazz Grammy - Natureza Universal) to record their first EP at the University of West London. Since then the project has evolved in personnel and repertoire, and continues to be inspired by the spectrum of ideas from tutors Barak Schmool, Kit Downes, Chris Montague, Pete Churchill and Ruth Byrchmore, all of whom have contributed to driving the compositional concept forward.

Currently preparing for their debut performance at the 606 Jazz Club in Chelsea, and with more plans to record and tour on the horizon, this exciting new quintet is set to make an impression within the UK music scene.