Game Over

Soundtrack to original production of Mark Wheeller's Game Over, commissioned and premiered (July 2019) by Beaumont School, St Albans. Read more about this amazing project from Mark and Beaumont here.

Sound Credits (track listings ref. SoundCloud playlist)

Production: Luke Bainbridge and Yannick Mayaud
Composition: Luke Bainbridge (1,2,3)
Studio Composition: Yannick Mayaud (4,5,6)
Conductor: Yannick Mayaud

Recorded at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire - June 2019
Engineering: Thomas Stanford, Nathan Hill
Mixing and Mastering: Thomas Stanford (1,2,3)

Clarinet: Nathan Isaac (1,3)
Saxophone: Austin Zhang (1,3)
Trumpet: Ali Clements (1,3)
Trombone: Toby Carr (1,3)
Percussion: Simon Arriola, Gloria Yehilevsky (1,3,4,5,6)
Violin: Jingwen Ma (1,2,3,5)
Viola: Gavin Marnoch (1,2,3,5)
Cello: Bora Kim (1,2,3,5)
Double Bass: Kabi Ho (1,2,3,5)
Piano: Natanel Grinshtein (1,2,3,5)
Keyboard: Yannick Mayaud (1)
Drum Kit: Luke Bainbridge (1)

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